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Vacuum Pressing Kit

What the kits make
Examples of the different configurations

3 Modules + 1 Joining Kit 3 Modules + Joining Kit

1 Module
This kit comprises of:

34 lengths of 18mm Curvomatic x 1’
34 lengths of 18mm Curvomatic x 2”
No screws required


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Curvomatic is a modular structural sheet material, constructed by sliding together longitudinally hinging aluminium extrusions. The extrusions join with each other without limit to produce a flexible aluminium skin 35mm thick with a minimum radius of 40mm. When screwed to curved formers, this skin forms an incredibly rigid curved surface that can be used to form other materials to a very high level of accuracy.

Curvomatic vacuum forming moulds are constructed from 610mm (2’) and 305mm (1’) lengths of extrusion in a half overlay pattern. The system easliy makes moulds at any length in 305mm (1’) increments and any width in 18mm increments. The modular vacuum kits are constructed from our 18mm extrusion and will make moulds down to a minimum radius of 185mm. For tighter radius sections we have two smaller extrusions that can be added where required.

With formers spaced at 1’
Curvomatic moulds can easily
take 1 bar without any noticable
deformation or rippling of the edges.

The permiable surface allows air to pass through. This means that even with very complex shapes, you will not have to use breather strips, just a hole in the back board!

Due to aluminium's heat absorbing nature, hot plastics will cool evenly and rapidly, without curling! This allows more pressings per day than any other method.

Curvomatic moulds use at least 90% less materials than other traditional methods of mould construction, so If you are looking for green credentials for your manufacturing equipment then this is deffinately the system for you.

This is the best way to use Curvomatic extrusions for vacuum pressing systems as many different lengths and widths can be made with the same components.

The extrusions are all 305mm / 1' or 610mm / 2' long and join together in a half overlay pattern to make any width at 18mm increments and any length at 1' increments.

(Watch the video for visual explanation) The formers that provide the shape for the mould are spaced at 305mm / 1'. The joints in the extrusions sit directly onto the formers and therefor the moulds are just as strong as those made with continuous extrusions. The kits work down to 185mm radius and can also have smaller radius sections with the addition of our small radius extrusions.

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