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Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

What's the price?

All our prices are available to view in the store

Can we send you a brochure?
All of our info is on the website.

What materials will it bend?
If it bends then it can be laminated.

How long does Curvomatic last?
For a lifetime, If you look after it.

What glue do we recommend?
Titebond Extend

Glue drying time?
That depends on the temperature (4 hours @ 20'C)

Can you veneer during lamination?
Yes with Solid or Single hollow kits.

What do S,SH,DH,TH and Modular mean?
Solid, Single hollow, Double hollow and Triple hollow.
Modular is composed of standardised units or sections for flexible arrangement.

Do you deliver to my country?
Please see our shipping page

What are the payment options?
You can use a Credit or Debit card (without a PayPal account) or use Paypal.

Who uses Curvomatic?
Customers who use Curvomatic range from big manufacutring companies to small woodwork hobbyists.
Take a look at some of the companies works on our projects page

Can we help you design a kit?
Yes. Just email your specification via the contact page. We're happy to help!

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